Luscious Desserts Truffles
Luscious Desserts Truffles

Luscious Desserts

Luscious Sensations Truffles

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Chocolate truffles are perhaps the most indulgent of chocolates with their soft, ganache center. The Luscious Desserts vegan chocolate truffles are one of the most popular forms of a chocolate gift and are offered in a variety of flavors such as hazelnut caramel and chocolate mint.  As a Luscious Desserts exclusive, we offer 'Luscious Sensations' which is a box of our finest truffles with centers consisting of a variety of our signature icing flavors. Our luxury chocolate truffle collection is enveloped with vegan dark chocolate to ensure the richness and the exquisite flavor that our customers deserve. We also do truffles for wedding favors giving your guests the top-of-the-line take home treat while alleviating that stress for you. Contact us today to indulge in our truffles.

Pack of 12 truffles.