Luscious Desserts Wedding Collection

Our Luscious Wedding Cake Collection is made with the finest organic vegan ingredients that we can find in our market to offer the exquisite cake that you deserve for your special day.  Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your party and we will make your centerpiece simply stunning. Our cakes feature the talent of our cake decorator with life-like hand crafted edible sugar flowers that will amaze all of your guests and will make your cake table elegant and luxurious.  Our wedding cake collection can be customized to be the perfect compliment to your reception. Just contact our team at to request a meeting and we will create that perfect package for you ensuring the most elegant wedding desserts to impress not only you but also your guests.

Our prices for your wedding cake start at $4.75 per serving and are dependent on how much detail is involved.  Book a Saturday Sample Day with us to choose the flavour and secure all details for your special day.  Let us help you check one more item off of your wedding list and provide you with a gorgeous, delicious, moist, flavorful wedding cake fit for a King and Queen.

We bake in a commercial kitchen that is certified by both Nova Scotia as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Being that we obtained our NS Food Safety Certificate, we take the utmost care in cleanliness and abide by all food handling directives.